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The Post Thursday 28th November 02

Super Mosque

Members of Morden's Muslim community are laying the foundation for Europe's biggest mosque.

The Baitul Futuh mosque, under construction in London Road, is a £5million project being undertaken by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association.

The 65,000 square feet mosque which is set to be completed next spring, should hold 3,000 worshippers.
The development has been entirely financed by members of the Muslim community, and when finished it will contain worship areas, a crèche and a dining hall.

Nasser Khan, project director of the mosque, has taken two years out from his job running a property company to plough his energies into supervising the mosque's construction .

He said: "A far as we are aware, it will be the biggest mosque in Europe. At the moment, the biggest mosque we know of is in Hounslow."

"That holds 2,500 people and ours should easily surpass that."

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association bought the site, previously a milk bottling plant, in 1996 for £2.5million.
However by 1999, beset by planning problems, it decided to sell up. Nasser said: "We tried our best to get rid of it but we couldn't manage to do so.

"We believe there was a divine force which rod us to keep it.

"The whole experience has certainly strengthened my faith!"

The mosque unfortunately received undue attention when the National Front held a demonstration outside it earlier this month.
Nasser shrugged off the rightwing demonstration.

He said: "We have always had been in close contact and we were alerted at 11pm one evening by special Branch that the march was going to take place.

"The National Front had a very low turnout, the majority of which came from outside the town.

"It gave us renewed hope."

The aim is to make the mosque a community venue for the people of Merton.

Nasser said: "There has been constant dialogue with local churches, the police, resident associations, voluntary organisations, councillors, libraries and colleges.

"Recently we were approached by Merton council about us hosting examinations by the police who are looking at holding conferences here.

"Hopefully it will be a facility for all members of the community."

Baitul Futuh,
181 London Road
Morden, Surrey SM4 5PT,
United Kingdom
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