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Mecca the Kaaba

The First Mosque

In Arabic the word used for mosque is Masjid , which means a place of worship or prostration. Muslims believe that the first place of worship ever built in this world was the Ka’aba in Arabic, the most holy place of Islam, towards which millions of Muslims all over the world turn their faces five times a day during their Prayers, and to which each one of them endeavours to make Pilgrimage at least once in a life time.

The Holy Quran says:

“Surely the first House founded for all mankind is that at Becca (Valley of Mecca) abounding in blessings and guidance for all peoples. In it are manifest Signs; it is the place of Abraham and whoso enters it is safe. Pilgrimage to the House of Allah is a duty which people, those who can afford the journey, owe to Allah. He who rejects this should know that Allah is independent of all creatures.” (3:97-98)

In the early days of Islam the Muslims, under Divine command, used to turn their faces towards the temple of Jerusalem during the prayers, but the Holy Prophet of Islam had a desire that the Qiblah should be changed to the Ka’aba. It was after the migration to Medina that God revealed to the Holy Prophet:

“Verily, We see thy mind turning frequently to heaven; We shall therefore certainly make thee turn to the Qiblah thou likest. So turn they face now to the sacred Mosque (the Ka’aba) and whosesoever you be, turn your faces towards it.” (2:145)

The Ka’aba is a very simple stone structure laying no claim to grandeur of size or beauty or architecture. It impresses by its very simplicity. Most of the time it is covered with a mantle of heavy black silk, which is renewed every year. The Ka’aba is a place of security.

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