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Mr Zaheer Ahmad, Mr Anjum Osman, Mr Nisar Butt, Mr Mohammed Nasser Khan, Mr Rafiq Hayat, Dr. Chaudhry Nasir Ahmad, Mr Mohammed Akram Ahmedi, Mr Imran Uddin Ahmedi (Committee Secretary), Mr Naseer Dean.

Mr Rafiq Ahmad Hayat (Amir UK)
He is the National President (Amir) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association United Kingdom, which comprises of 13 Regions and over 80 branches.

Mr Mohammed Nasser Khan (Project Director)
The Project Director is a partner in a company of property developers and has been involved in the development of property since the early part of the 1980's. In terms of Jama'at responsibility, he is also Naib Amir and Secretary Jaidad UK. He has been involved in the UK Jaidad Department for 7 years. He was involved in the search for the new Mosque and has been a member of the Baitul Futuh Mosque Committee from the beginning.

Mr Mohammed Akram Ahmedi
Akram Sahib is a qualified Civil Engineer specialising in large civil construction projects overseas. He is also a Naib Amir UK and has been actively involved in Jama'at work at all levels. He was born in Kenya arriving in the UK many years ago!
Akram Sahib advises in the Committee generally on construction and technical issues.

Dr. Chaudhry Nasir Ahmad
He is a Reader in Physics at the University of Surrey in Guildford, specialising in semi-conductor technology. Dr. Nasir Sahib was Secretary Jaidad UK from 1996 to 2001 and is currently Naib Amir UK. He has been involved in the Committee for several years. He was born in Rabwah, Pakistan and arrived in the UK several years ago. In the present committee, he is responsible for the Housing Scheme.

Mr Imran Uddin Ahmedi (Committee Secretary)
He is a Property Development Solicitor working for a firm based in Birmingham. Prior to qualifying as a Solicitor, he used to work as an Estate Agent in London. In terms of Jama'at responsibility, apart from local and regional roles, Imran has been Naib General Secretary UK and Naib Secretary Jaidad, where he has recently returned. In terms of Baitul Futuh, Imran has been the Secretary to the AMA Liaison Group, a very influential group in Morden bringing together all prominent community leaders to the Baitul Futuh Site.

Mr Anjum Osman
Anjum is a fully qualified Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, with a breadth of experience in large to medium sized projects within the UK. His field is considered to be one of the most crucial in the project and accounts for one third of all project costs. Currently, Anjum is working full time on the project. In terms of Jama'at responsibilities, Anjum has worked on projects at Islamabad and MTA in the past. He is currently Naib Secretary Jaidad UK.

Mr Nisar Butt
Butt Sahib is a Chartered Accountant working in London. He has been Secretary Finance UK for over 20 years and like Nasser Khan Sahib has been a member of the Executive Committee since its inception. His role in the Committee is assist in the financial aspects of the project from a UK Jama'at perspective.

Mr Mubarak Zaffar
He is the Additional Wakil-e-Maal, which means that he is one of the individuals responsible for the International Jama'ats finances. His role is also to look after the financial aspects of the project.

Mr Zaheer Ahmad
He is a CORGI registered gas engineer and qualified electrical engineer. His role within the committee is as consultant on services and technical support. Zaheer Sahib is also Naib Sadr Ansarullah UK and a member of the National Jaidad Team.

Mr Tahir Mirza
Tahir is a Charter Structural Engineer working for a large organisation dealing with both national and international projects. His role within the committee is to provide technical support.

Mr Saud Ahmad
Saud Sahib is an Electrical Engineer working specifically on power stations and major electrical generation systems. He was originally based in Pakistan, but was recently recruited by a UK based company and is currently based in London. His role is to assist in the electrical aspects of the project and in this regard will be working with Anjum Osman.

Mr Naseer Dean
He is a Vice President of a financial institution in the City of London. His specific role within the Committee is to deal with External Relations and this role is known as the Liaison Officer. He is Secretary to the AMA Liaison Group and is responsible for holding meetings and open days to strengthening Jama'at links with the community. Naseer Sahib is also Naib Sadr Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya UK.

Baitul Futuh,
181 London Road
Morden, Surrey SM4 5PT,
United Kingdom
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