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Guardian July 26 2001

Work on Britain's largest mosque is back on track

One of the most ambitious projects to be undertaken in Morden for years gets back on track this week with the resumption of work on Britain's largest mosque.

The building, which will be home to the Ahmadiyya Muslims, will be capable of accommodating up to 3000 people on a 25-acre site. It is expected to be completed in 18 months at a cost of £4 million.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK opened up the London Road site to all who wanted to know more about the project and the association last week, answering questions and dispelling some myths.

Project co-ordinator Nasser Khan said: "We have nothing to hide. I think, initially, when people first heard about the project a number of years ago, there might have been some fear of the unknown. But we've tried to be as open as possible."

The other building, centred on the former depot, will comprise a gym, sports hall, conference suites, printing press, IT facilities and offices. Many of these will be available to all members of the community, regardless of their beliefs.

The sect, one of the fastest growing on the planet, with 40 million converts last year, has two main concerns about the former Express Dairies site. At present only five events attracting more than 600 people a year are allowed and access from Central Road is restricted.

"These are not acceptable conditions to us and we will be working with the council to overcome them," added Mr Khan.

Baitul Futuh,
181 London Road
Morden, Surrey SM4 5PT,
United Kingdom
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